“The outcome will be crime and death,” Victoria Kimani’s depressed brother threatens to commit suicide

Image: Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani’s brothers Bamboo and Kimya Miyaki were among the baddest and most talented Kenyan rappers from back in the day. There music still plays in most clubs (before Corona lock down) and something about their gangster vibe always kept fans hooked.

However, after retiring and relocating to Tanzania, we all assumed that these men would marry and settle down like most of their agemates. At least Bamboo did but his brother, Kimya Miyaki seems to be dealing with dark demons as seen on some of the posts shared on his social media pages.

Kimya with Khaligraph Jones

Just a few hours ago Kimya shared a disturbing post on his Facebook talking about ‘a current situation’ that has pushed him to the edge of a cliff. If you read that right you will understand that, these are the same words used by suicidal people! Kimya went on to post;

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I need help, can’t cope with the current situation that im in. I’m @the edge of the cliff and i’m about to jump. The outcome will be crime and death. Somebody help.

Kimya Miyaki’s post

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Indeed the post caught many people’s attention including an old friend, King Chiwawa who quickly reached out to Kimya as seen on the comment section.

Suicidal thoughts

This is however not the first time Kimya has shared a shocking post on his page. The last time he spoke of depression, he went on to narrate some of the struggles he has faced from having many to going broke over night. On this particular post, he went on to add that death has no discrimination – another red flag showing how often he thinks about thinks about dying.

Since his post, none of his sibling has come forth to address this issue; but most likely they are already dealing with it.

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