The robbery with violence accusations against Matara have been postponed

John Matara’s bail hearing on charges of robbery with violence has been postponed due to delays in obtaining the probation report.

Ruiru Magistrate Charles Mwaniki made this decision on Tuesday after the Probation Officer failed to present her report in court.

Back in March, Magistrate Mwaniki had instructed the Officer to provide a report to assist the court in determining the appropriate cash bail or bond for Matara’s release.

However, on Tuesday, Probation Officer Margaret Manda informed the court that although the report was ready, it could not be submitted yet.

She explained that the county director had not yet approved it, and it also needed validation from the regional officer before it could be presented to the court.

Manda requested two weeks to complete these necessary steps.

Meanwhile, Matara’s lawyer, Samwel Ayora, stated that he would use this time to collect the required documents from the prosecution today.

The state did not object to these submissions and requests.

Magistrate Mwaniki directed the Probation Office to submit the report by April 24, coinciding with a mention on the hearing date.

In the case before Ruiru Court, Matara is accused of robbing Sh88,300 from a woman, identified as NW, in Kahawa Wendani on May 16, 2023, using violence during the incident.

Additionally, he faces charges of rape and sexual assault against the same woman on the same day.

Matara was charged on March 6 but pleaded not guilty, seeking release on lenient bond or bail terms.

The state opposed this request, citing another ongoing case involving the accused in a different court and expressing concerns about potential witness interference if Matara were granted bail.

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