This is where Chipukeezy and Kartelo will now be airing their show after leaving Ebru TV

Comedian Chipukeezy and Kartelo have officially moved from Ebru TV and will now be airing the program on Youtube.

On social media, Chipukeezy made the announcement that the show will now be posted on Youtube and will be used as a platform for nurturing talent.

He also added that the recording will be shot in National theater and schools.

”Chipukeezy Show is going back to where it started. The live recordings will be happening every Monday but the show will be aired on my YouTube channel Chipukeezy TV. The live recordings will also happen outside Nairobi as we will visit universities, high schools, counties and even diaspora i.e, Dubai, USA, Qatar,” he added. 



The comedian also added that the show will have to take a one month break because he’s currently in Tanzania shooting a movie.

“I am away in Tanzania for one month shooting a movie ..Once i get back to Nairobi live recordings will resume immediately ….God mbele wasee,” he said. 

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