Thousands Of $ex Workers At Coast Protest Increased Femicide Cases

Thousands of sex workers from the Coast region in Kenya have gone on strike, refusing to work in protest of the recent surge in femicide cases across the country. This bold action highlights the vulnerability and insecurity faced by sex workers, a marginalized community often denied basic rights and protections.

The strike was sparked by the brutal murder of 20-year-old Rita Waeni, who was found dead in a Nairobi short-term rental house last Sunday. Waeni’s death, along with the killings of Starlet Wahu and countless other women in the past year, has ignited outrage and a demand for justice.

“We are joining other civil societies to protest the death of Waeni, Wahu, and many other women who have been murdered simply because of their work,” said Maryline Laini, Executive Director of Nkoko Injuu Africa, a non-governmental organization advocating for the rights of sex workers in the region.

Beyond mourning the victims, the protest aims to push the Kenyan government to take concrete steps towards ensuring the safety and security of sex workers. Laini emphasized that sex workers are valuable members of society, contributing to the economy through taxes and providing for their families.

“Just like any other worker, we deserve protection while at work,” Laini stated. “We need safe working spaces and assurance that we can go about our duties without fear of violence or discrimination.”

The strike is a powerful statement of solidarity and a call to action. It underscores the urgent need for systemic changes that address the root causes of femicide and violence against women, particularly those working in marginalized professions like sex work.

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