Timeless Noel is back with ‘Rada Safi’ alongside Garvey Royal and we love it (Video)

Image: Timeless Noel

Gospel singer Timeless Noel, who treated us to Odi Dance in 2017, has dropped a new jam with Garvey Royal and we are really feeling it.

The song dubbed Rada Safi talks about living according to the teaching of Christ. The message here is that those who chose to live in the light are happy as opposed to public perception of them being boring.

Garvey Royal
Garvey Royal

I really love this jam. Although it has a powerful message, it is easy to understand and you won’t feel like targeted for one reason or the other.

Also the fact that it’s a gospel dancehall jam makes it consumable by people who don’t think much about Christianity or gospel song.

Timeless Noel
Timeless Noel

The other thing that struck me is the beat on this jam. It’s really dope and gets you in a good mood from the moment you hit the play button. Props to Jijo Drumbeats.

The video concept is also dope. Apart from the styling, choice of locations I could also not get enough of the dancing, however, this does not really come as a surprise seeing as Timeless Noel refers to himself as the dance instructor.

Watch Rada Safi below and tell us what you think.


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