Top money-saving tips from Co-op mVisa that’ll help you save a lot when using mobile payment options

mVisa – Visa services via mobile phone, is the latest technological advancement that’s taking Kenya by storm. People no longer need to carry their Visa cards everywhere with them once they have mVisa app on their phone.

For Co-operative Bank customers, you can access Co-op mVisa services through mobile banking solution MCo-op cash. First you need to upgrade your MCo-op cash app so that you can have your mVisa option. Download MCo-op Cash app HERE

Once you have mVisa option on your MCo-op cash app, you can start enjoying the service offered. Using Co-op mVisa comes with a lot of benefits.

The main reason why everyone is using Co-op mVisa to send money is because it allows you to transfer money for FREE to another Co-op mVisa number. The money reflects in the Co-op account immediately.

With Co-op mVisa, you can also make purchases anywhere (restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations etc) at NO extra cost. There is no extra cost incurred on payment of goods and services using Co-op mVisa.

You can also withdraw money from your Co-operative bank account at a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent via mVisa

Click the link below for step-by-step instruction on how to use mVisa:

How to use mVisa


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