Trouble in paradise? Akothee removes her husband from her profile

It would seem like there are issues in Akothee-land after she removed her husband’s name from her social media accounts. She previously had her husband’s name on her profile, proudly declaring that she was Mrs Schweizer but barely a year since her lavish wedding, she had taken that off her bio.

There had been a lot of grumbling and rumours about the fact that her wedding was a huge affair that many felt was either rushed or a scam. Why? Because the marriage seemed to come out of nowhere and there was little to no information about the man she trapped married.

Even Miguna Miguna had warned her in the past about the guy but she was quick to shut him down with a vitriolic statement that was so much emotional drivel, that one would need to detox after going through it.

Miguna Miguna had taken to Twitter to share his concerns over Akothee’s new husband whom no one seems to know or seems to be able to find a trace of information about online and in today’s world no one can ever get away scott-free from forming a digital footprint unless they are born, bred, live and die in the heart of Congo’s rainforests.

Time will tell what the situation unfolding has in store for us but for now it makes for rich gossip fodder.


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