Tycoon Ambwere’ s Global Corporate Rubble Rouser Twins

They hardly talk about their affluent background, preferring self-driven, humble, focused, industrious yet grounded pursuit of corporate success. A total contrast to the traditional privileged Kenyan dynastic families. It is astonishing how the Ambwere twins, commonly known as “Tim and Nick”, have maintained a low profile for over 30 years and how they have shaped their own path within the global corporate sector as C–Suite executives despite being heirs to one of Kenyans top tycoons, and steered away from the soft life. They are sons to Ibrahim Ambwere, a Kenyan business mogul commonly known for his vast business ventures spreading across numerous counties in Kenya and his unprecedented gesture to bail out the Kenyan government in the 90’s by offering to pay all the teachers in the country when the Moi regime had trouble meeting their salary obligations.

Little is in the limelight about the two global corporate executives. Tim – the elder twin – is a consultant in Australia, serving as a key financial advisor to government bodies focusing on multi billion pension funds and insurance. He is currently serving for Emergency Services and State departments. He previously worked for National Australia Bank, one of the Big four banks, and numerous globally respected Wealth Advisory firms like AMP and MLC.



The younger twin, Nick, is currently serving as Chief Human Resource, Public Affairs & Communication Officer for Coca – cola (CBL) in Africa.  He has previously steered numerous companies across Africa, United Kingdom and Israel, including top brands such as Carlsberg, Kansai Plascon, GT Bank, MTN Group and Kenya Airways.


Despite vast family interests across hospitality, real estate, and being one of the biggest landowners in the Country, holding equity across top companies and the Ambwere’s being a household name across Kenya, the brothers have successfully crafted their own paths in a similar way their father did and changed the tides in his favour in the 70s and 80s. Word on the streets indicate that the independence of the two has earned them great respect and a special place with their father. The future seems optimistic for the two who are poised to have a seat with the niche of Africa’s future leaders. Will this potent a transformative shift in legacy management in Kenya which often exhibits collapse of family businesses due to lack of internal competency and characterised with poor transition planning and egoistic interests?

The Ambwere twin brothers have kept a very low profile, focusing on reshaping the corporate landscape globally and avoided meddling in their father’s massive estate. With a highly grounded mother, a retired medical practitioner, a stickler for education and community service, she has nurtured and inspired the twins to acquire the highest levels of education across leading universities and hearts for service. The brothers live very guarded, private lives but prefer ordinary lives despite working for fortune 500 global brands and being heirs to privilege.


The story of the brothers is a true testament that whereas you can be privileged, and the world outside can resonate you with elements of abundance, self-discipline and personal principals are fundamental in shaping one’s life journey. The unwavering level of humility exhibited by the two is a true affirmation that we can all build a better tomorrow, despite our status in life.

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