“Unaioa lini? Ama Unanitumia?”-Zuchu Asks Diamond If He Will Marry Her

Tanzanian musical stars Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have raised eyebrows after their recent performance.

While performing alongside each other, Zuchu posed a question to Diamond, to confirm whether he’s ready to marry her.

Diamond started off by asking Zuchu whether she would sire a child with him.

‘Ati unanipenda mi, mmh, unanitaka pia, mmh, unaniamini, na utanizalia?,” Diamond Harmonized their song with the words.

Upon noticing the paramount question, Zuchu replied with questions, one of them being whether he would marry her

“Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaaa… Unaioa lini? ama unanitumia?”

The two sweethearts seemed to be enjoying the moment as they exchanged sweet nothings on stage.

Diamond and Zuchu have amused fans over the period that they’ve been together. They’ve had their ups and downs as they break-up and re-unite over and over.

Diamond’s antics in enticing women to love him then leaving have been conspicuous over the years. Diamond once stated that he’s not looking to get married soon, reason being, he believes marrying will pull his career back. Zuchu definitely has a hint that the latter might happen to her. She might as well add to the list of Diamond’s baby mamas.


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