Vanessa Mdee and boyfriend Jux in trouble with the government after kissing on stage 

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee and his RnB boyfriend Juma Jux pulled a marvelous stunt on stage during their on going tour. The problems is, the government didn’t like.

The two kissed on stage after a thrilling performance during the weekend and went on to share the photos on social media. Tanzania’s Communication Regulatory Authority known as (BASATA) is now coming after them for posting ‘provocative photos’ on social media.

Sasa huyu Jux na Vanessa hata kama ni wapenzi hawakutakiwa kufanya hayo waliyoonyesha jukwaani kwani kama ni mahaba mnatakiwa muonyeshane mkiwa faragha na siyo hadharani kama walivyofanya tunawafanyia kazi ili kukomesha tabia hizo,” said Chief Executive Geoffrey Mngereza who heads the commission.


The commissioner also warned other artists from posting such photos saying the commission, which was set up to maintain online morality, will hunt them down.

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