Vera addresses her relationship with Brown Mauzo

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has sparked speculation that she has split from her long-term partner, musician Brown Mauzo.

Sidika recently removed the title “Wife” from her Instagram bio, and Mauzo has unfollowed her on the platform and deleted all photos of them together from his timeline.

The couple have been together for over five years and have two children together. They have always been very public about their relationship, so the recent changes in their social media profiles have led many to believe that they may have split.

Sidika has not commented on the rumors, but she did recently post a video on her Instagram Stories of a woman speaking about the reasons why some women choose to end their relationships.

The video discusses the importance of setting boundaries in relationships and the need to walk away from unhealthy or abusive situations.

It is unclear what the status of Sidika and Mauzo’s relationship is, but the recent changes in their social media profiles have certainly raised eyebrows.

Only time will tell if the couple will confirm or deny the rumors of a split.

In the meantime, fans and followers are left to speculate about what may have happened between the two.

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