Vera Sidika Answers Whether She Is Ready To Reconcile With Brown Mauzo

Social media personality Vera Sidika recently opened up about her split from musician Brown Mauzo during an Instagram Q&A session.

Responding to fan questions, Vera addressed speculation that her love for Mauzo was driven by a desire for good genes in their children.

“There are sperm banks for that,” she quipped, shutting down the rumor.

When pressed for the reason behind the breakup, Vera playfully hinted at an upcoming season of “Real Housewives” for the answer.

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Fans also inquired about the possibility of reconciliation. Vera made it clear that reuniting with Mauzo is not on the table.

”Oh, babe that will never happen,” she wrote.

The couple announced their separation in August 2023, prioritizing the well-being of their children according to Mauzo’s public statement.

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