Vera Sidika confronts ageist fans who are urging her to step down

Catherine Kamau, widely known as Kate Actress, recently announced her exciting opportunity to attend the White House State Dinner during President Ruto’s visit to the US.

Ruto’s agenda includes meetings with various Hollywood celebrities on May 21 to discuss potential collaborations between Kenya and the film industry.


Vera Sidika Responds To Gen Z’s Claiming She Should Retire Because Of Her Age

Kate Actress and comedian Butita are among the Kenyan creatives scheduled to visit Tyler Perry’s studios in Atlanta as part of this initiative.

Expressing her gratitude, Kate said, “Good morning. This village girl will be attending the state dinner at the White House and a luncheon at the #TylerPerry studios in Atlanta, invited by Her Excellency #AmbassadorMegWhitman. @usembassynairobi your efforts and commitment to the growth of Kenya’s creative economy are greatly appreciated.”

A fan, amthegodfx, commented on the post, suggesting that “These ageing celebrities should rest now. next generation…”

This sparked mixed reactions, with socialite Vera Sidika defending her place as a millennial in the industry.


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Vera emphasized that everyone has a place in the industry and must work to secure their position.

“Why do people think that others need to step aside to make space in the industry? Nobody leaves space for anybody. You push your way in. Gen Z is always complaining, saying ‘Oh, they’re too old now, they need to rest’. Rest for who? Should we turn down business and money because of Gen Z? Nobody’s saying Gen Z shouldn’t get bread. But has anyone stepped aside for us to succeed? No. Nobody is stopping anyone from making it. There’s enough money for everyone!”

Vera urged the younger generation to work harder instead of expecting others to make room for them.

“Instead of working, you want to sit and wait for people to make space for you so you can walk the catwalk without stress. These streets aren’t for the weak. It’s hard work that separates people, and no one should ever have to step aside to accommodate anyone. Get your lazy asses up and get to work. Success waits for no one. Stop this narrative, abeg.”

The ongoing tension between Generation Z and Millennials appears to be intensifying, with clashes on various social and cultural fronts.

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