Vera Sidika Shines in Black at Club Return

Vera Sidika dazzled in a head-to-toe black outfit as she made her grand return to club hosting on Sunday, December 3rd. Her radiant appearance, following a brief health-related hiatus from social media, left fans ecstatic.

Sporting a sleek black bodysuit beneath a sheer, sequined cover-up, Vera exuded confidence and glamour. Her signature hourglass figure, cinched to perfection, stole the show and sent the crowd into a frenzy.


This comeback marks a fresh start for Vera, who used her break to prioritize her well-being. Now, she’s re-energized and ready to hit the ground running, captivating audiences with her undeniable charm and captivating presence.

She wrote “Missed y’all” as the caption for her Casavera lounge admission.

Those in attendance cheered to see her arrive.

She uploaded a screen grab of the types of views she got.

14 hours and one million views. She laughed, “Something has to kill a man.”

Later, she went to an after-party when the mother of two children burst bottles.

She went on to describe the events of the evening, saying, “Changed clubs, after party fo the after party.”

Once bottles were delivered to her table, the animated Vera danced off with her friends.

“This 1 Azul bottle costs sh120,000. ….Hello December”


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