Victor Wanyama reacts in anger to Kenyans on Twitter claiming he fathered Bahati’s eldest son

Renowned Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama has condemned the digital manipulation of a photo of singer Bahati’s family.

The photo, which was shared on Twitter by an online user, @Wesley_Kibande, has been edited to include the faces of several celebrities, including Wanyama, next to Bahati’s children.

Wanyama took to Twitter to express his disappointment, calling the act “foolish” and “unacceptable.”

“This foolishness needs to stop now!!!” he wrote.

This is not the first time that Wanyama has been linked to controversy. In 2020, a photo of him and Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife, surfaced online, sparking rumors that they were having an affair. Marua denied the rumors, saying that the photo was taken when they were hanging out with mutual friends.

Wanyama has also been involved in a legal battle with socialite Shakilla, who claimed that he had paid her Sh700,000 for sex. Wanyama denied the allegations and sued Shakilla for defamation. The case was later withdrawn.

It is unclear why the photo of Bahati’s family was manipulated, but it is likely that the intention was to cause harm to Wanyama’s reputation. Wanyama’s condemnation of the act is a reminder that digital manipulation can be a serious issue with real-world consequences.

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