Vinnie Baite says, “I had enough,” and leaves her radio position quietly

Vinnie Baite made a triumphant return to the stage over the weekend after a prolonged hiatus, performing in front of an enthusiastic live audience. The comedian described his comeback as thrilling.

During his appearance on the Wamusyi show, Vinnie revealed that he had been unable to do stand-up for the last two years due to his radio job. However, he has since quit his radio position and is excited about his return to comedy.

Vinnie shared the stage with comedy greats Sammy Kioko and Tom Dakatari during the show. Reflecting on his performance, he stated, “The last time I performed was in December 2022; I was previously unable to because of my radio show. But I quit. I performed today, and it’s a good comeback. I performed very well. One day I will plan my show.”

Explaining his decision to quit radio, Vinnie emphasized that given the chance, he would never go back to it. He mentioned that radio was not as lucrative as he initially thought, advising those aspiring to join the industry that it might not be a good decision at the moment.

“I would advise those who want to join radio, that’s not a good decision for now because radio is a dying platform. Like radio every time people have moved to other platforms. So before I got into radio, I felt the urge to be on the radio because I had that dream. But right now, I think people should exploit online platforms more than TV, radio,” Vinnie explained.

Vinnie Baite previously worked for Milele Fm alongside legendary radio personality Francis Luchivya but silently exited without discussing it publicly.

“When I left Media Max, by the way, I felt I had enough and all that. But I would never wish to return, by the way,” he stated. Reflecting on his experience working for Media Max, he mentioned that although it was okay, online platforms offered more opportunities than radio.

Vinnie also revealed that Media Max owes him a significant amount of money, but he has chosen not to pursue it. Despite the challenges, he emphasized that there are better avenues to make money and showcase talent than traditional media platforms like radio.

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