Vivian Ventures Into Psychology After Divorce With Her Husband

Image: Celebrity couple, Vivianne and Sam West

Kenyan singer Vivian Wambui has revealed that she is studying Psychology and has recently launched a new book called “Take Back My Power” which teaches people to cope with everyday stress.

Speaking on Obinna TV, she said that she has always had a passion for studying Psychology and that she wanted to do a career in it before she started doing music. She also said that her separation from her ex-husband, who was also her manager, led her to pursue Psychology as a way to discover herself and learn how to cope with the loss of her personal and financial security.

Singer Vivianne with husband

Vivian said that she is still in school but that she got her certification this year. She is excited to use her knowledge of Psychology to help others cope with everyday stress and live their best lives.

We wish Vivian all the best in her new journey as a Psychologist!

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