“We live separate lives” Esma Platnumz confirms that she and Petit Man are no longer an item

Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz confirmed that she and her baby daddy, Petit Man are not living under the same roof, during a recent interview.

The mother of two seemed to have reconciled with her baby daddy and even rekindling their love after photos and videos of the two looking all-loved up surfaced online, late 2019.

The two love birds seemed to be in a world of their own, leaving many tongue-tied on the abrupt turn of events.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz


It now turns out that Petit Man and Esma are not living under the same roof.

During her recent interview with Wasafi media, the businesswoman, who has two baby daddies disclosed that she lives with none of them, rather, just communicate.

Esma Platnumz and Petit Man with their daughter

For Esma, business is everything in her life and relationships are just like fun and games.

I love both my baby daddies and there isn’t one that I live with. I live alone but I communicate with them. Relationships are just like having fun. If you feel like it, you get into it but business is everything in my life. Human beings can only give you stress why don’t you look for money?

Further confirming that nothing is going on between her and Petitman, because their love flame died down the minute they parted ways.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Since then, life has had to move on.

There is nothing going on. When you are newly in love, there’s so much love. But once you break up and make up, the love won’t be as hot as before. He lives in his place, I live in mine and life goes on.

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