Weeks after surgery, musician Miracle Baby makes a desperate plea for blood donations

Musician Peter Mwangi, popularly known as Miracle Baby, is urgently seeking blood donation, specifically from individuals with blood group B+. His wife, Carol Katrue, has shared this urgent plea, providing her contact information and encouraging those willing to donate to reach out to her.

Miracle Baby has been grappling with a gastrointestinal condition for nearly five years. Carol revealed that the artist first underwent surgery in 2018 after experiencing an obstruction in his intestines. Although he recovered after the initial surgery, the condition resurfaced in 2020, leading to the treatment of stomach pains with over-the-counter drugs.

In April 2022, Miracle Baby’s condition worsened, resulting in vomiting, seizures, and loss of consciousness. A scan revealed the return of the growth, necessitating another surgery with a cost of Sh300,000. However, in 2022, experts in a Naivasha hospital suggested that there was no growth, indicating a slight twist in his intestines and prescribed medication.

While he improved with the medication, in early January 2024, Miracle Baby’s intestines ruptured, requiring another surgery. Carol provided an update, stating, “The surgery was successful, but the intestine had burst, and they have managed to wash. He will be going to the toilet through a pipe, and some intestines have been left outside for six weeks. When he recovers, he will go back to the theatre so that the intestines can be returned inside.”

Carol has been keeping Miracle Baby’s fans informed about his health, dispelling online death hoaxes and affirming that Peter is very much alive.

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