“Whatever job you have, I will do,” Churchill Show comedian appeals to Kenyans, after attempting suicide 3 times in a row

Youthful comedian Njoro born George Maina is in dire need of financial and mental support days after comedienne Zainabu Zeddy exposed his poor mental and financial status.

The known hilarious guy with a Kikuyu accent unfortunately reached a dead end after depression got a better part of him, saw his dad get diagnosed with Cancer and left with 4 children to take care of.

During Zeddy’s recent visit to his parent’s home in Nakuru, a frail-looking 27-year old Njoro admitted he was forced to live with his mother after life took a toll on him.

Njoro with Zeddy

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Adding that he lost everything, friends, work and even a stable mental state.

Maisha imenitandika! We ndio comedian wa kwanza amekuja. You know when you lose everything, even friends, everyone! Even where I currently stay is at home in Nakuru.

Zainabu Zeddy with Njoro’s mother

Turns out that soon as Njoro went MIA on Churchill Show late 2019, he was actually struggling with depression, having tried committing suicide thrice to no avail.

Truth be told, I am not doing well, I’m at a very bad position. Late last year I got drained until I sank into depression, at least now there are drugs I am taking. My dad became so ill, he was diagnosed with Cancer of the stomach, I lost everything and I have 4 kids to take care of.

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Comedian Njoro

Njoro pleaded with Kenyans to come through for him in the little ways they can.

So whoever can help me, just help me where you can. Right now I don’t even need rehab because I stopped taking alcohol, right now what I need is a counselor for my depression. These drugs I take are very expensive and right now my situation does not allow me to afford them.  Whatever job you have, I will take it, I can start even Monday.

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Comedian Njoro

Attempted suicide

Further narrating the turn of events when he attempted suicide but failed:

There is a time I wanted to commit suicide at around Viewpoint, veer off the road and just give my life to God but it never worked. There was this Lorry Driver who attached a towing rope to my car, so I could not move. The first time I leaked rat poison like glucose. The second time, I took some medicine then the third time, in December I tried slitting my wrist but they all failed.


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