Why DJ Mo blames Size 8 for their inactive bedroom life (Video)

DJ Mo and Size 8’s reality show has started receiving some feed back thanks to the latest episode aired last night on NTV!

Surprisingly this time around the couple decided to discuss their sex life on national TV; a move that has left many talking on social media.

It all started when DJ Mo picked out a paper from their ‘bowl game’ only to find out what was written involved his sex life! Apparently his wife complained about a 3 week dry spell that had left her all cranky and chatty!

Singer Size 8

Failed stunt?

Seeing how the Bahati’s have been doing with their reality show; the Muraya’s must have stepped up their game – but sadly not with a well thought stunt!

The two chose to discuss their bedtime activities and since Size 8 had not been getting any; she decided to complain about it only for Mr Muraya to share his main reason for not getting intimate with her.

According to DJ Mo, the ‘over sized promo T-shirts’ were his main reason for not giving his wife some love. Not that this line has not been used before – DJ Mo failed badly as his body language clearly proved some acting was involved!

KoT bash DJ Mo

Fans bash the Muraya’s

Kenyan on Twitter who tuned in to check whether the show was legit or mediocre – like the previous reality show; ended up trashing the entire station for publicizing fake reality shows.

It’s not like the reality show was that bad; but many couldn’t understand why Size 8 got dramatic when her husband mentioned the promo T-shirt’s she ways to bed! While others saw it as an immature way of solving problems; considering the two have been married for years.

KoT troll the Muraya’s

Check out the popular clip from the dinning with Muraya’s dry spell episode shared on social media.



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