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Why Do Men Do Public Proposals?

December 06, 2022 at 17:35
Why Do Men Do Public Proposals?

It’s not peculiar to randomly find a man proposing to his girlfriend on the streets. In fact, it has become more rampant nowadays; and quite a number of men would rather make it public than private.

Recently, a video of a young man proposing to his girlfriend in Archives went viral after he was rejected dearly. To add salt to injury, the flowers he bought for the chick were thrown back at him. What a waste of time & money! All the guy could do is just pose there with his knee.

Now, such kind of embarrassment is what might happen when you decide to go public.

Proposing in public is awful - here's why you should never do it - The  Tempest

But for successful proposals, it gives most people pressure to copy. The thrill is just so intense and heart-touching.

For some, it’s a matter of damage control. Some do it for the latter reason; to entise their partners into forgiving them.

Survey dats shows that the vast majority (approximately 85 percent) of people describe their ideal proposal as taking place in private; which is a good idea that might save you a lot of things.

Either way, everyone’s preference prevails when it comes to proposing to the person you love.



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