Why Ezekiel Mutua blames Kamba musicians for teenage pregnancies in Machakos!

Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has come out to blame Kamba musicians for their dirty content; which has contributed to about 38000 teenage pregnancies in Machakos county.

As reported earlier the girls said to be pregnant range from ages 15 to 14 years and below.

Although this comes as a surprise, Ezekiel Mutua already feels that this should be blamed on Kamba artists who promote sexual content in their music.

Through his Twitter handle, Mr Mutua went on to say;

Teenage pregnancies in Machakos

The news about 4000 girls getting pregnant in Machakos County is shocking but not surprising. In 2017, a survey by KFCB on the effects of vulgar vernacular music on the youth captured this reality. Machakos County topped for vulgarity. Even the bands had sexualised stage names.

Dirty content

He went on to blame these artists for promoting sexual content on the low using names such as Katombi (which is self explanatory) to other names like Maima and Vuusya ungu; which allegedly carry vulgar meanings in Kamba.

Kamba artist, Katombi

In the 2017 survey, KFCB raised alarm about how Kamba vernacular music normalised teenage sex and objectification of women. Most music had young girls gyrating and the bands had sexualised stage names such as Katombi, Maima, Vuusya ungu etc.

To make things worse, these songs also promote rape and instead of being criticized; they get massive airplay in most Kamba stations as they compete for traffic numbers.

The survey covered Seven Counties in Kenya but Machakos with bands like Katombi and Maima topped in vulgarity. Dirty music dominates most kamba vernacular stations with content that encourages sex with young girls, even rape. It’s time to stop this trend.

Kenyans on social media are however creating awareness on this to end since it appears like we are now fighting the wrong pandemic!

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