Why Jaguar doesn’t have set performance fees

Image: Video of ailing Starehe MP Jaguar in hospital raises concern

Jaguar claims that because to his adaptability, he has made $1 million in countries like Rwanda. He’s a businessman who thinks everyone should bargain for a better deal on wages.

“Nimesikia KRG amesema muziki haina pesa, but I am a witness it has alot of money ukijipanga na ukifanya muziki mzuri. Back like 7 years ago, Safaricom live as an ambassador used to pay me like sh 6 million. I am a witness that music has a lot of money, ukijipanga na ufanye muziki mzuri. Nikujipanga.”

Muziki ni biashara for instance if you call me to perform in a club with 200 revellers siwezi kukuambia unilipe one million.

I will ask kwa hivo hizo rate cards mimi sijawahi kuwa nazo. Nakuuliza sponsor ni nani kama ni kampuni before that tunanegotiate. I can even perform shows for as little as sh50k.”

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