Why Miss Trudy, a YouTuber, was arrested in the US

Miss Trudy, a Kenyan YouTuber married to Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya, shared her distressing experience after being detained at a US airport, causing her to miss her flight. This wasn’t the first time she faced such an ordeal.

Expressing her frustration on her YouTube channel, Trudy recounted, “I was told to sit down, with no explanation, while the plane was about to depart. I was confused. They demanded a return ticket from Ghana, but I explained that I don’t reside in Ghana; I’m married there. I even showed them my marriage certificate, but it didn’t help. I felt so helpless.”

Trudy clarified that despite living in Ghana, she hadn’t acquired citizenship yet. “Foreigners don’t get IDs immediately,” she explained, emphasizing her predicament.

She shared the financial strain of being stranded, saying, “Living in Miami is expensive, and my cards weren’t working. The plane left me for no valid reason; they doubted the authenticity of my marriage.”

Trudy ended up sleeping in the hotel reception as her cards failed to go through. “I called the bank, but they were still resolving the issue. The Airbnb check-in was at 3:00 PM, and it was 3:00 AM,” she lamented.

Fortunately, she managed to travel later, with the airline even upgrading her to Business class, offering some relief after the ordeal.

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