Why Netizens Are Disenchanted With Jaguar Showing Off

During a period of high taxation and high cost of living, some members of Parliament are eating life with a big spoon; and they’re not tardy to show off that money ain’t a problem to them.

CAS Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar has elicited mixed reactions on social media after sharing a photo that has left people talking.

The photo shows Jaguar, reporedly holding the hand of Cate Waruguru, something that can confuse the two as people who are dating.

The two proceed to have a meal, with two lavish cars visible on the background.

The two vehicles were a Cadillac Escalade SUV and a Mercedes Benz sedan.

“Nobody can be you better than yourself,” he wrote.

Many Kenyans seemed unimpressed by his show of financial might and have reacted by saying it’s their tax money being enjoyed by the CAS. Some even went ahead to remind him about his song ‘Kigeugeu’ and claimed that he’s manifesting the meaning of it.

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