Why Pastor Victor Kanyari uses TikTok so frequently

Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari has elaborated on his decision to join TikTok, emphasizing his aim to save lives rather than pursue monetary gain.

Kanyari, known for his unconventional methods, shared with Nairobi News his motivation for joining the platform. He highlighted the opportunity to reach a younger audience and provide guidance, particularly to individuals grappling with issues like drug addiction.

When questioned about dealing with online criticism and hate, Kanyari remained steadfast, citing his resilience in the face of relentless negativity. He asserted that he wouldn’t let trolls deter him from his mission.

Regarding his earnings from TikTok, Kanyari disclosed receiving gifts from Kenyans abroad, predominantly from Germany and the USA. While acknowledging accumulating over Sh100,000 within a week on the platform, he emphasized that financial gain wasn’t his primary focus.

Responding to critics like Nyako, Kanyari brushed off their remarks, suggesting that some profit from disparaging him. He also mentioned receiving romantic advances from both men and women on TikTok, including explicit messages and photos.

During a live session, Kanyari humorously appealed to a mysterious figure known as King Roso, jokingly requesting “lions” as gifts, despite rumors linking such gifts to misfortune.

In his sermons on TikTok, Kanyari integrates traditional preaching with modern technology, encouraging engagement from his followers and expressing gratitude for their support. He remains convinced that his audience seeks blessings and prayers through their interactions on the platform.

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