Willis Raburu’s wife struggling to come into terms with the loss of their baby girl!

Willis Raburu and his wife Maryaprude recently lost their baby girl at birth due to some few complications here and there.

Having carried her baby in her womb for 9 months and got to walk out of the maternity ward empty handed has left Maryaprude at a very devastating state judging from her posts on Instagram.

Willis Raburu’s post

Yes, it is indeed hard to lose a child and even with counseling and emotional support from family members – this never seems enough to take away the pain that very few can understand.

Maryaprude’s posts

Through her Instagram page the lady recently left many talking after her posts that proved that she is still in pain after losing her child.

Willis Raburu´s wife speaks her first since daughter´s loss

Although some have gone ahead to condemn her for denouncing her faith – it’s obvious to see that she is dealing with her grief in a way not many would understand but let us hope that the Raburu family get better with time!

Maryaprude’s post
Maryaprude’s post


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