Wivu itawanyonga! Alikiba and wife spotted together months after nasty break up (Photo)

Just a few months ago Alikiba was exposed by his side chick after their affair came to an end! And just like most relationship, the ending was bitter to a point of risking his marriage to one Amina; who is also the mother of his last born.

After the exposè done by Clouds FM’s diva the bawse word has it that Amina and Alikiba’s marriage hit rock bottom; and the only way this too would face each other would probably be at a divorce court!

However seems like Alikiba learnt his lesson hence decided to make things right for the sake of his son! With 2 baby mamas already and the 3rd one looking for separation; the young man seriously could have this on his conscience!

Alikiba with his family at his son’s birthday party

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Spending the weekend together

Anyway while we assumed the marriage was finally over, Amina this past weekend left tongues wagging after sharing a photo of her husband hanging out with friends.

Judging from the back ground and Jerseys worn by the 3 men as seen on the photo; it would I’ll t take a scientist to tell they were out watch a football match!


However the fact that Amina is the one who shared the photo proves that all is well back in her home! Alikiba on the other hand also seems to be keeping a low profile unlike before!

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Kiba Music

Apart from hitsong Mshumaa the singer has not released any new music; but at least we now known where he has since been investing his energy to!

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