Woman behind Deputy governor’s recent embarrassment also wanted a piece of comedian Chipukeezy 

As more details of Liz Njuguna, the lady who was busted with Kirinyaga’s Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri in a viral leaked video emerge, Kenyans have been seriously digging her past on social media while those who know her in person have come out to share more info that might help police.

Liz Njuguna has been accused of extorting men with her “husband”. The two asked for a whopping Ksh 5 million from Ndambiri.

Well it seems like comedian Chipukeezy should be counting his blessings. This is after Kenyans stumbled on a Facebook post from Njuguna posted almost four years ago in which she only mentioned him in.

Chipukeezy laughs at it all

It’s not clear why she did but Kenyans were quick to concluded that she wanted a piece of him. Chipukeezy took to Instagram to share it  after learning of the post.

“Kumbe LIZ Njuguna Was looking for me on March 23rd 2014 at 8 :15 Pm ??????Mungu wanguuu ..Mwambie Liz namtafuta Sasa.” said Chipukeezy. 


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