You Are A Liar- ‘Eric Omondi Throws Shade At President Ruto For Not Fulfilling His Promise To Miracle Baby

Musician Peter Mwangi, known by his stage name Miracle Baby, continues to battle health complications stemming from a misdiagnosed appendectomy in 2018. The surgery to address an intestinal obstruction marked the beginning of a lengthy struggle for Miracle Baby.

His wife, Carol Katrue, revealed that he has been in and out of hospitals ever since. While public well-wishers have provided some financial support, the couple still faces outstanding medical bills.

President Ruto reportedly pledged to cover these costs and assist the family. However, comedian Eric Omondi recently criticized the President’s inaction, suggesting that unfulfilled promises are hindering further support. He stated the latter in a recent interview with Mungai Eve; who has opened her own YouTube channel after her previous one was taken over by Director Trevor.

‘The government is not working. The system is dead. From the president to the MCA. A few are working. So, I don’t waste my time. Watu wanakufa. The Kenya Kwanza government is the worst in the history of Africa, maybe the world… His excellency Ruto akishika mic naanzanga kucheka,” Eric said.

Omondi, known for his “Sisi Kwa Sisi” movement that solicits small contributions from Kenyans to help those in need, has himself been actively involved in supporting Miracle Baby

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