“You can’t downgrade me to your level!” Saumu Mbuvi blasts female hating on her

Saumu Mbuvi is not up fr fun and games with women who think she is a softy and can’t defend herself.  Looking at her old posts, I mean hasn’t she already proven to be a ruthless savage?

Anyway, turns out that there are a few characters who want to mess around with the governor’s daughter; but unfortunately Saumu is not ready to entertain this.

The yummy mummy of two proved this after sharing a post where she called out the unknown lady said to be triggering Saumu’s ugly side. Through her instagram page, the mother of two went on to throw shade in a post where she wrote;

Saumu with her baby daddy

Some women just created a private account to write nonsense and abuse me…You have a long way to go, my skin too thick; I dont give into cyber bullying. Instead of elevating yourselves and fellow women, you are here hating.

Jealousy is a disease

She went on to school the unknown lady on the importance of appreciating each other as women instead of creating hatred; and dropping petty comments on her posts.

Judging from her post, we can all agree that the yummy Mummy pulled a mature move by not clapping back with insults; like other women would. Saumu went on to add saying;

Being jealous and writing stupid comments like a school drop… you can’t downgrade me to your level whoever you are!

Saumu Mbuvi’s post

Clearly there seems to be an ongoing issue in Saumu’s camp and if anything; she could be getting the hate comments for bagging herself a fine man or just usual haters.

However, for a lady to create a pseudo account means whatever they could be beefing about is quite serious. Anyway as for now all we can do is watch as the drama unfolds on social media. But one thing for sure is, Saumu has really matured judging from her response.

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