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“You were my favorite bro” Babu Owino disowns Steve Mbogo, reveals he supported Boniface Mwangi for Starehe seat

July 31, 2018 at 09:33
"You were my favorite bro" Babu Owino disowns Steve Mbogo, reveals he supported Boniface Mwangi for Starehe seat

The race for Starehe parliamentary seat was contested by Jaguar (Jubilee), Steve Mbogo (ODM) and Boniface Mwangi (Ukweli Party).

Jaguar emerged as the winner even though Steve Mbogo moved to court to challenge the win. Babu Owino was rooting for Steve Mbogo because they are friends and they were also in the same party.

Now it turns out Babu was secretly supporting Boniface Mwangi. The Embakasi East MP confessed to supporting Boniface after he talked about his ordeal vying for Starehe seat.

“You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money (I sold my wife’s car). You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt. If you win (for those who bribed voters), you get to Parliament and your first order of business is to pay your debts. Then you realise your constituents expect you to pay maternity and school fees,” wrote Boniface in part.

You were my favorite

Babu Owino says he understands Boniface’s ordeal because he also went through the same experience when he first vied for Westlands parliamentary seat and lost.

The Embakasi East MP also confessed that he supported Boniface Mwangi during the race for Starehe constituency seat.

“You were my favorite bro.It happened to me in 2013 when I vied for Westlands Mp and auctioneers were very fast to take all my earthly belongings.God will see you through.One day I believe you will be there coz you have what it takes,” Babu Owino commented on Boniface’s post.


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