‘Young Men Are Usually Rejected By Women Because They Are Struggling’- YY Comedian

The complexities of modern dating often ignite heated debates, and comedian YY has joined the conversation, offering his perspective on the concept of “settling” in relationships.

YY, known for his appearances on Churchill Show, argues that the narrative of women “settling” for financially struggling men is a simplistic and misleading one. He draws a parallel, highlighting that men in their 20s who chase women while still financially unstable are also driven by a sense of desperation.

“Men in their 20s’ are usually rejected by women because they are struggling and lack resources.
During the twenties that’s when men also simp a lot so if you(a man) get someone to date in your early 20s, they were probably rejected. If you are desperate and you get someone to date, they are equally desperate,” YY stated in a conversation with his wife on her YouTube channel.

He challenges the romanticized notion of “building an empire together” with a man, suggesting that it can sometimes mask a deeper need for security or validation. Instead, YY advocates for building genuine partnerships where both individuals contribute and grow together, regardless of their financial starting point.

While acknowledging the pressure to succeed in a world increasingly focused on material wealth and the rise of platforms like OnlyFans, YY encourages young people to prioritize building meaningful connections. He emphasizes the importance of finding someone who respects and values your individuality, not just your perceived role in their success.

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