‘You’re Bragging With Tax-Payers Money’- Akothee Responds To Jaguar Claiming He’s Richer Than Her

Musicians Charles Njagua & Akothee have ignited an online tiff that’s making them look like schmuks on social media.

Recently, a list of richest Kenyan musicians roped in a colloquy on who’s supposed to be above who. And for some like Jaguar, the list wouldn’t suffice. According to Jaguar, Akothee and Tanzanian musician Harmonize didn’t deserve to be above him in the list. He claimed that he’s in fact richer than the two.

In response to the latter, Akothee has shared her sentiments, maintaining that Jaguar wouldn’t be rich if he didn’t have a role in the Government.

Bro umeumia
Ati nani amesema He is Richer than THE MADAMBOSS ???? . Since when did men forget themselves and start competing & comparing themselves with WOMEN?…

Mheshimiwa, I don’t need that I AM AKOTHEE PERIOD kwani what qualifications do you have to earn a seat in parliament?….????”

She continued to admonish politicians not to brag with tax-payer’s money;

”Let me not here any politician bragging with tax payers money ati ” Riches ” Riches kitu Gani , those business flight tickets, Choppers are paid by the government not your personal money, while peoples children can’t even afford school fee. All this charity you people do online is for PR . Always waiting for something trending to hope on SO You can hit headlines because the rest of the days you are irrelevant , why dint I see Choppers land in Kano plains when water the Nyando River banks did it’s thing ? Why haven’t we seen you take 5 children under your Arm and take them to school ? Hiring a chopper for an hour is about 200,000 ksh
That’s school fee for a needy student for 4 years ????????????????. A real Philanthropist can be felt / seen both off and on cameras…”

Akothee further purported that anyone who can’t match her followers on Instagram shouldn’t utter her name;

”Again anyone with less than 3.5 m followers should not mention my name , you are clout chasing I am not in your league ????????????????
I think in the Kenyan Entertainment industry only Eric Omondi should mention my name ,
Take this to the Bank
Nisikie mwanaume mwingine ati nyenyenye na ma baby mama mumejaza kila taun nkt ama ndio wealth?”

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