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“You’re full of sh!t” Shakilla leaves no stone unturned while calling out Willy Paul

February 02, 2021 at 09:50
“You’re full of sh!t” Shakilla leaves no stone unturned while calling out Willy Paul

Shakilla is mad and tired of Willy Paul’s ways. In fact the 19 year old socialite says that she will not be entertaining his attention seeking tactics that left her behind bars a few months ago.

Speaking during a new show with Eric Omondi, Shakilla went on to bash Pozee; saying the only way he can make news is by mentioning her name. However this time around she is finally fed up and will not be putting up with his cheap stunts.

Shakilla comes clean on her unknown relationship with Willy Paul after ugly night incident at his residence

Addressing the ‘elephant’ size scandal, Shakilla dismissed the rumors sparked by Willy Paul; claiming that her privates are as huge as that of a wild beast.

He still wants me

According to Shakilla, the only reason Willy Paul mentions her name during interviews is because he likes the attention; however following their last beef – the socialite now wants nothing to do with the former gospel artist.

Socialite Shakilla

In fact she flashed him during a new show dubbed loo that will be hosted by the one and only Eric Omondi. In this same interview, Shakilla also got to tell off busy bodies who like to call her out yet they know nothing about her behind the cameras.

But as for Willy Paul, all Shakilla could say is that he is full of sh!t; but truth is, we cannot take sides when these two can easily get back together at any given time.


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