Youth and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba apologizes to MPs after questioning their knowledge

Youth and Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba was forced to apologize to MPs on Wednesday after he questioned their knowledge of alleged mismanagement at his ministry.

The apology came after a heated debate in the National Assembly, where MPs accused Namwamba of being condescending and disrespectful.

The debate was sparked by a letter that Namwamba had written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, in which he alleged that MPs were only interested in hearsay and had no real understanding of the issues at the ministry.

The letter angered MPs, who accused Namwamba of trying to undermine their oversight role.

In his apology, Namwamba said that he had written the letter in “bad faith” and that he respected the role of Parliament.

He also said that he would withdraw the letter and cooperate with MPs in their investigations into the alleged mismanagement at the ministry.

The apology was accepted by the Speaker, who said that it was important for all parties to work together to ensure that public funds were used effectively.

In a separate development, Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah said that he would hold all Cabinet Secretaries to account, regardless of their political affiliation.

Ichung’wah said that he was not a “brief holder” for any Cabinet Secretary and that his role was to ensure that they were accountable to the people.

He said that he would do this with “gusto and energy”, just like a member of the minority party.

The apology from Namwamba and the comments from Ichung’wah are a sign that the National Assembly is taking its oversight role seriously.

It is also a sign that the government is willing to cooperate with Parliament in order to ensure that public funds are used effectively.

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