Yvette Obura Claps Back At Fan Who Asked Her To Give Bahati A 2nd Child

Image: Mueni Bahati and her parents, Yvette Obura and Bahati

Businesswoman and social media influencer Yvette Obura has responded to a fan who questioned her about having a second child with singer Bahati.

The fan, identified as Waithera Salim, commented on a TikTok video of Yvette showing off a bungalow she had recently purchased. The video featured Bahati’s hit song “Wanani” as the background music.

Waithera commented, “Why don’t you give Bahati a second child?”

Yvette responded sharply, telling the fan to mind their own business.

“You give him since you know how to give,” she said.

Another fan insinuated that Yvette’s choice of Bahati’s song was a deliberate attempt to send a message or provoke Diana Marua, Bahati’s current partner. Yvette dismissed this speculation, saying that she was simply enjoying the song.

“Would you have commented the same way if I used a different song or a different artist?” she asked. “Don’t measure my life; you are looking for things where there are none.”

Yvette Obura and Bahati have a history together, which resulted in the birth of their child, Mueni Bahati. The two have since separated and are now co-parenting their daughter.

Yvette has repeatedly emphasized that her interactions with Bahati are solely related to their co-parenting responsibilities. She has made it clear that she has moved on with her life but will continue to be connected to Bahati due to their shared parental responsibilities.

In the wake of the recent incident, Yvette has received an outpouring of support from her fans. Many people have praised her for standing up for herself and for setting boundaries with her fans.

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