Yvette Obura responds to haters calling her ugly

Image: Yvette Obura demands recognition in Bahati´s office

The mother of Bahati’s kid, Yvette Obura, has commented on the persistent teasing and disparaging remarks she has been subjected to regarding her appearance.

Obura praised her appearance in a live session on Sunday and called out those who have dubbed her “ugly.”

Yvette Obura denied suggestions that she had ever referred to herself as a celebrity in her moving speech.

She emphasized that a certain tape had been taken out of context and used to propagate untrue information about her.

“I have never been a celebrity. They know their own reasons why they said that

When some people started comparing Yvette to another well-known person, Pritty Vishy, the internet hatred intensified.

Although Yvette emphasized that she had no animosity toward Vishy, she did express regret at the way some individuals resorted to calling her and other people nasty names.

“No harm to Vishy. It is so unfortunate that people are calling us ugly. I am sorry and sending hugs and love to you.”

Yvette acknowledged the negative effects of cyberbullying and abuse on famous personalities and explained why some of them decide not to interact with their fans.

She bemoaned how people frequently jump to conclusions without taking the time to consider the context or purpose of particular video.

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