YY Disputes Wakimani’s Claims About Churchill Gifting Comedians Cars

Stand-up comedian YY has taken to social media to refute recent claims made by fellow comedian Paul “Wakimani” Ogutu. Wakimani had alleged that comedy icon Daniel Ndambuki, better known as Churchill, gifted all his comedians on the Churchill Show with cars and Ksh300,000 each at a meeting.

YY, through his Instagram, strongly denied these claims. He questioned Wakimani’s motives and clarified that the car and cash story is entirely fabricated. He expressed concern that Wakimani’s statements paint both YY and other comedians as ungrateful, while also putting them in the awkward position of publicly debunking false information.

“Let me clarify because a lot of people are asking,” YY stated. “No one bought us cars, no one Paul. You cannot make people look ungrateful. Of whose interest is all this showroom story?”

He further expressed frustration that many comedians hesitate to openly contradict Wakimani’s claims for fear of appearing disrespectful towards Churchill. This, he claims, creates a difficult situation where factual clarification becomes challenging.

“Comedians can’t talk because they will look like they are fighting Churchill and everyone is carefully looking for a specific angle to respond to this story. The direct answer is nobody bought us cars. Sijui mahali Paulo ametoa hiyo story,” YY concluded, implying his complete lack of understanding regarding Wakimani’s motives or source of information.

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