Zari Apologizes To Her Husband Shakib After Holding Hands With Diamond

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’s recent video featuring his ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Zari Hassan, generated considerable online discussion.

Video and Reactions:

The video captured Diamond and Zari holding hands and smiling, raising eyebrows amongst fans and sparking speculation about their relationship status.

Zari Clarifies

Following speculation about potential conflict within her relationship with her husband Shakib due to the video, Zari sought to clarify the situation.

Zari explained that Diamond requested her help promoting his song “Mapozi” as it wasn’t receiving the desired attention. She emphasized being present with her family, including Zuchu, during the video shoot.

“Tulikuwa tunashoot Young Fanous and African Diamond askasema nisaidie tufanye promo ya wimbo sababu naona haitembei vizuri. The whole family was there, tena Zuchu kbisa was there alikuwa amesimama na watoto. Ilikuwa hivo tu. Akaondoka na mi nikaenda zangu…

“Video ikatoka na nikaona mambo yameanza. Shakib was at home na siku hiyo alikuwa anarudi Uganda. Nimefika nyumbani akaniambia mke wangu hivi vitu mbona mi sielewi. Why didn’t you tell me coz when such things come up I look disrespected,” she said.

However, the video’s release led to unintended consequences. Shakib expressed feeling disrespected and disregarded, as Zari had not informed him beforehand.

Zari’s Apology and Clarification

Zari acknowledged her mistake in not communicating with Shakib and apologized for the situation. She clarified that issues within their relationship existed prior to the video, as evident by her removing his photos from social media in November-December 2023.

Current Relationship Status

Regarding her current status with Shakib, Zari stated that although the video with Shakib’s ex was old, it prompted them to take some space to address existing issues

“Huyo mwanamke alikuwa anatoka naye 2020. Shakib mwenyewe aliwapa bloggers the video waisambaze. It was more of if you can chill off your ex like that na mi pia naweza kufanya… It was out of frustration,” she said.

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