Zari discloses the spark that improved her and Tanasha’s relationship

Image: Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan, the mother of Diamond’s children, recently discussed her relationship with the singer’s Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna, during an interview with Ayo TV.

Zari revealed that there is no animosity between her and Tanasha, emphasizing that they are friends. She mentioned that they communicate frequently and have chosen to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their children, who she wants to have a strong bond as siblings.

The Ugandan socialite explained that her kids, Tiffany, Nilan, and Naseeb Junior, often communicate with Tanasha’s son, creating a strong connection. Zari emphasized the importance of acknowledging that, despite her past with Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship status with the singer, their children share a sibling bond.

Zari shared insights into the development of their friendship, noting that it started when their kids spent time with their father in Tanzania. As their friendship blossomed, Zari extended an invitation to Tanasha to attend her annual all-white party in Uganda, which the singer gladly accepted.

“Why wouldn’t I talk to Tanasha?… Because from that trip to Tanzania when the kids came, we became friends,” Zari elaborated during the interview.

Earlier, a video surfaced showing the two women embracing at Zari’s all-white party, leaving netizens impressed with their amicable relationship.

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