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Zari gives trolls a dressing down following claims that she’s just an idler at Ivan’s college in South Africa

November 01, 2017 at 09:10
Zari gives trolls a dressing down following claims that she's just an idler at Ivan's college in South Africa

Zari hasn’t taken it lightly that people are questioning her work ethic. Trolls claims that the mother of five is just slaying at work.

A committee of four members formed to determine how the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s assets would be managed gave Zari control of her late ex husband’s college in South Africa.

Zari now manages chain of Brooklyn City College in Johannesburg. Her job in Joburg is the reason why she stays in SA with her kids while Diamond stays in Tanzania.

Netizens question Zari’s work ethic

Boss Lady is always seen taking selfies while she’s at work at Brooklyn City College. Some people claim Zari is just a poster girl for publicity at the college.

Zari however responded to netizens who claimed she is just another idler.  She says that she takes selfies right before she starts her work or after she’s done working.

“Ati what time do you work while you always taking pics….. shortly before i start or right after am done…. learn to prioritise. Just because I post them during the day doesn’t mean I spend the whole day taking them. This was before my reception staff got here 7.10am. Washamba nyinyi???… you gon learn!!!! ?,” wrote Zari.




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