Zari Hassan on why ladies should not mismanage their ‘honey pots’

I am thinking at 40 years, Zari Hassan has faced enough challenges as a woman moving from relationship to another.

With an almost 20 year experience of relationships, Zari Hassan has learnt the importance of managing her time, energy and mostly her honey pot!

Zari Hassan

Well, of course time has changed over the years but according to Zari one thing that remains constant is class! Yes, Zari Hassan recently shared a post through her page urging women not to mismanage the power they hold.

As seen on the post Zari Hassan wrote;

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Hunnies don’t mismanage your time, energy or va***a.

Explains why

Well according to Zari it’s better off to leave people assuming one has attitude; than being available for every Tom, Dick and Harry; not her words but you get it right?

Anyway to make her point clear, Zari went on to explain saying;

They will think you have an attitude, but strong women have boundaries and standards!!

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Zari’s the boss lady

Although at first Diamond Platnumz didn’t know the kind of woman he was dealing with; truth is, the Bongo singer may have lost one of the classiest women he could have bagged in his life.

Well, I say this because it’s no secret that Zari Hassan may have had her ratchet years in her 20’s and 30’s; but something about her changed and is now among the top boss ladies with businesses in Africa.

From her lifestyle to how she carries herself, I think young women taking advice from her isn’t that bad. Right?

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