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“Zari ulitoka chini, usiniongelee vibaya tena wewe ni rika ya mamagu” Gigy Money responds to Zari Hassan

August 31, 2018 at 07:13
"Zari ulitoka chini, usiniongelee vibaya tena wewe ni rika ya mamagu" Gigy Money responds to Zari Hassan

Controversial Tanzanian video vixen Gigy Money has savagely fired back at Zari Hassan after the mother of five looked down on her.

The whole drama started when a fan commented on a photo of Zari Hassan which she was launching a school. The fan tagged Gigy Money on the post and urged her to launch similar projects.

Zari responded to the fan saying that she should not be associated with Gigy Money whatsoever. The Tanzanian video vixen hit back at Zari during an interview with Bongo Stars.

Gigy Money said Zari should not despise her since she has everything that Zari has. She even claimed that she could take Diamond if she wants.

More savage response

Gigy Money went on to attack Zari telling her that she was like a mother to her (because of her age) and that she shouldn’t hate all Tanzanians just because Diamond broke her heart.

“I know in mama yangu. Mama, mgeni, nchi jirani tumekupa kiki usiniongelee vibaya tena. Nakuomba yani sector ya mapenzi isikufanye ukatuchukie Tanzania nzima. Aliyekuchifua ni Chibu sio Gigy, do not talk shit about anybody. So my dear Zari i don’t know you, i appreciate you and even if we are not on the same level am growing, am gonna be there so watch me madam,” said Gigy Money.


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