Zero chills! Jalang’o bashed on Twitter for having failed to marry his baby mama

Image: Jalango

KOT has no chills and sadly this time around comedian cum popular radio personality Jalang’o faced their wrath moments after he shared a tweet telling Kenyans to stop whining about their senators who had not accomplished much in their 4 year term as he sarcastically used an example of the men who date women for 5 years and still never get to marry them.

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With the simple tweet, Jalang’o seemed to have sparked a war he was not ready for. One of his followers responded by asking him why he had not married his baby mama, Cheptoek, who he has dated for more than 5 years…double standards?

Sounds personal… but for once Jalang’o chose to keep his calm as he did not reply to the tweep. This was however a big blow to the comedian as he had not imagined that the tables would turn on him. Anyway, having a few days remaining to the the election date, many celebrities have been trying to preach peace to the youths who are often misled by political talks hoping that whatever happened back in 2007 would not repeat itself again.

Checkout the tweet below:

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