Zzero Sufuri Vs Ethic: Who’s really the baddest?

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I’m sure you are aware that Zzero Sufuri and Ethic don’t see eye. Their beef is so bad that the former dissed the Lamba Lolo hit makers in his latest release dubbed Matisha.

Zzero Sufuri

In the song, there’s a part where Zzero says, “Si ni kumatisha, wako lamba lolo isha tubore, hujaskia ma morio flani wakali wametoka Dago si wamekam na ingine mbaya si unasikia vile inadunda bro.”

I’m not sure where their bad blood started because they don’t even come from the same area. Zzero is from Dagoretti while Ethic is from Eastlands, specifically Umoja. So this is not even about regional supremacy or is it?

Admittedly, both Ethic – which is made up of Rekless, Swat, Zilla and Seska – and Zzero Sufuri are all talented. However, their styles are as different as day and night. If you are a fan of both artists then I know you agree with me on this.

To a large extent, Ethic’s music is raunchy. Most of their songs are about sex, women’s rears, boobs and genitalia and what not. Put simply, they are willing to cross every line to become a household name.

Ethic Figa

But that doesn’t mean that they are not talented. If you listen to Ethic’s song keenly, you’ll notice some good rhymes and wordplay. Perhaps this is why most people are hooked to their music despite the fact that it’s explicit.

On the other hand, Zzero Sufuri’s music is not raunchy at all. He infuses dancehall with a small element of mumble rap and the outcome is totally amazing. I’m not even exaggerating!

In as much as their styles are different, at the end of the day one of them must be better than the other. So, here’s my question. According to you, who is the baddest between Zzero Sufuri and Ethic?

Watch Ethic’s latest release dubbed Figa below.


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