Like a boss! Here is the 13 million swanky Porsche cayern that Betty Kyalo drives

February 27, 2017 at 10:50
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Betty Kyalo has been making some investments for herself and her daughter. Her businesses and anchoring job has earned her a lavish lifestyle. Her investments will always see millions running through her account every now and then.

As always, being a celebrity in that caliber, you must keep everything trending, from the dress code, all the way to the car you drive. Well recently I finally got a photo of the actual Porsche Cayern that she rolls around in.

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Like we suspected, the lady has been making some good dough! This is why she is rolling in a car popularly known for speed, luxury and did I mention the millions it costs? yes… 13 million bob.

Anyway, the Cream Beige car she drives is just perfect for her! She however joins the list of female celebrities who love the comfort and excitement of owning such expensive cars.

Betty Kyalo's Porsche Cayern

Betty Kyalo’s Porsche Cayern

Did I also mention that her 001 Number Plate is similar to H⁠⁠⁠⁠uddah’s Range Rover plate!
Huddah's car

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