“I am making you proud my FIRST LOVE…” Wema Sepetu pens down a heartfelt message to her late father

March 13, 2017 at 10:51
"I am making you proud my FIRST LOVE..." Wema Sepetu pens down a heartfelt message to her late father

It has now been 4 years since Mzee Isaac Sepetu passed on at his Sinza home in Dar es Salaam. However his youngest daughter, Wema Sepetu, does not forget nor take advantage of the love she shared with her late dad.

Just recently, the actress shared an emotional message dedicate to her late father on Instagram. Judging from the well detailed post, it is easy to tell that she dearly misses her father and has never deleted his contacts from her phone even after his death.

Daddy Sepetu

Daddy Sepetu

She wrote to say

I soooooo wish Id just Call him Today and ask Daddy How Was I…??? And Im sooooo SURE he’d answer, You were PERFECT my MISS WORLD…. Even If Iam OPPOSITION…. Coz My DADDY always Faught FOR wat is RIGHT….!!!! “IAM Making You PROUD my FIRST LOVE….!!!!! You RIP…!!!” Nobody Knows My Daddy Sepetu Better Than I…. So Y’all take A Goddamn Seat when U r talking bout My HERO….!!! Please..!!!

Just the other day, the actress left many shocked after she revealed that her dad was a Catholic something many people were not aware of. However, together with Miriam, Mzee Sepetu raised his girls as Muslims something they are all proud of till date.

The late Issac Sepetu passsed on in 2013 leaving behind two widows and nine children.

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