Meet Wahu’s Co-Wife! And She Is A Sexy Ugandan Butterfly! (VIDEO)

Uncle Chim Tuna strikes again! Hopefully I will not leave an unhappy family in my wake but a man must do what a man must do even if it’s across the border -and here I am referring to Nameless, not me. My two women are in Kenya happily coexisting because I am that African man!


But away from my bragging before my girlfriend reads this and cans my ass, allow me to talk about Nameless’ woman. From what I hear, he refers to her as his East African butterfly. She is a short haired, darkskinned beauty -I can see nameless pattern here.

Her friends describe her as a simple village girl who cannot even speak proper English but her country charm won nameless over.

This is the lass;




Check out the video of the two of them together here:



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